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NAME: Dr. Franken Stein

BIOGRAPHY: Stein was a student at Shibusen in his time, and there was always something a little odd about him. Though he was an unrivalled genius, both intellectually and with his fighting arts, he had a violent streak and a resentment of authority that the teachers were helpless to control. More than once, consumed by madness and the belief that the world existed for him to experiment upon, he attacked other students. Eventually he formed a friendship and bond with Spirit, who was the only one who could control his behaviour.

He eventually became Spirit's meister, and remained so for five years. He had great regard for Spirit, whom he considered to be his personal test subject. He would perform experiments upon Spirit in his sleep. He is considered to be the most powerful living weapon meister because of his incredible abilities to analyze and counter other people's souls and attacks, and his powerful fighting skills.

When Spirit's future wife discovered that he was experimenting on Spirit, he lost his weapon and turned his focus on his scientific investigations, building a laboratory in Death City and living alone. Eventually, he became a teacher at Shibusen, and trained future meisters and weapons, however he remains tempted by madness, and by the witch Medusa, who is trying to remake the world into something that is more agreeable to both of them.

AGE: 32 (somewhat of a guess)

HEIGHT: 5'11"?

WEIGHT: 190 lbs

BODY TYPE: Stein's body is, in a word, badass. He might look like a skinny little lab geek when he's got his clothes on, but if you take off his shirt you will discover that he's slender not because he's underfed but because every inch of his body is toned, hard muscle. He has washboard abs, whipcord tight muscles in his legs and arms, and spends a lot of time training and honing his body through martial arts. He's clearly done some experimentation on his own body, as there are major scars running over his torso, arms and legs, all neatly stitched back together. These scars are way too straight and precise to be injuries. For example, there's a perfectly straight scar encircling his right forearm, as if he cut his arm off with a knife and reattached it.

FACE TYPE: Stein's face is rounded and well-proportioned, with a somewhat pointed chin and nose, neither of which is too severe, and a wide mouth. He actually has a very nice face, though the effect is often ruined by a wide, insane smile and a terrifying glint in his eyes. He has a stitched-up scar that runs from the middle of his forehead, down to the left of his nose and then curving over his left cheek. He wears glasses, though he takes them off when in battle. He also has a very large bolt in his skull, which he turns when thinking about something important.

COMPLEXION: Despite being in extremely good shape, he doesn't appear to spend much time outside. His entire body is very, very pale, even pallid, as if he's never seen the sun.

EYES: His eyes are grey. (though that's actually really hard to tell in a lot of the pictures)

HAIR: His hair is also grey! o/ He has short, straight hair. I think he cuts it himself, since it's a bit unkempt and not super even. I think he just takes a pair of scissors to it every so often, to keep it out of his eyes, though his bangs are usually a bit overlong and fall on either side of his lenses.

CLOTHING STYLE: Stein's clothes, like his skin, always give the impression that he cut them up, switched the pieces with pieces from a different-coloured item of the same article of clothing, and then stitched them back together. He goes for comfortable, loose clothing most of the time. When he's at home, he'll usually wear a sleeveless turtlenecked sweater and a pair of brown slacks, and loafers, with his lab coat over top. He'll sometimes remove the lab coat when fighting, to give him more ease of movement. When dressed up he has a white shirt he'll wear instead of the sweater, but he still wears the lab coat over it.

SPEAKING STYLE: Stein speaks in a pretty loose, informal, but not impolite style. He's insanely intelligent, and will sometimes resort to medical jargon and big words, but he doesn't usually speak in a very intellectual manner, going for clarity rather than trying to impress people with his knowledge. He doesn't tend to swear a lot, though he doesn't have anything against it. When having a bad sanity day, he'll speak in disjointed sentences, often not making any sense at all, or speaking about hallucinations as if they're real.

GENERAL DEMEANOR: When in a good mood, Stein is innocently cheerful, even silly. He often makes fun of people through the use of language, trading happy sarcastic barbs back and forth with Birkin, and he has no difficulty making fun of himself or anyone else around him. He'll often pretend to be completely innocent when accused of doing something nasty, flatly denying it in a way that makes it obvious that he's lying, things like that. He has an easy, comfortable demeanour, very confident in himself and unafraid of anyone, really. Once when fighting a bunch of students, he didn't even bother to get up from his chair, but moved in a casual way, blocking their attacks in a manner that seemed almost accidental, and yet using his arms and the ability of the chair to spin and roll to utterly defeat them.

When confronted with something that piques his curiosity, his demeanour can undergo a sharp change. His eagerness to dissect or examine something will cause his glasses to flash and his eyes to glitter. His tone actually deepens a bit, and he'll speak in a rapid, excited manner, or a slow menacing drawl. His body language shifts as well, his body growing tighter and more controlled. He'll crack his joints, loosening his body and preparing to fight if necessary to seize the thing that he wants.

CAREER: Stein is a school teacher at Shibusen, a school that trains meisters and weapons. He is also the school physician, and has his own laboratory in which he performs experiments on his own.

PREJUDICES: This is a really tough question to answer. I don't think Stein really has any real prejudices. He's been trained to distrust witches - it's his duty to fight them as a meister of Shibusen, and he's loyal as hell to Shinigami. But in actual fact, he's drawn to them and what they stand for. He has willingly submitted himself to the control of Shibusen, allowing them to harness his insanity and use his powers for good. But there is a part of him still that wants utter anarchy, to be left alone to perform his experiments and do whatever he likes without the interference of the law. Thus he's drawn to witches like Medusa, and there's a part of him that wants to join them.

I'd say the only thing he's really prejudiced against is someone trying to take over the world for their own gain. That kind of thing disgusts him, since the whole idea of trying to control other people just for your own greed is anathema to him. However, someone like Shinigami who already has significant power and controls the world is all right. He tells Medusa that he'll kill her for trying to take over the world, but that if she succeeded, he would enjoy and take advantage the world she created under her rule.

Stein...isn't entirely sane.

BEST QUALITIES: His intelligence. His fighting ability. He's extremely perceptive, able to literally look into someone's soul using an ability called Soul Perception to see what kind of person they are, and their strengths and weaknesses. He's very stubborn and will go to any lengths, even sacrificing his own life to protect Shibusen and his students.

WORST QUALITIES: He's a complete psychopath. Unable to truly experience love, he has instead channelled his feelings into possessiveness of those things that are important to him. There's a part of him that believes he's not really worthy of Birkin's affection, and that he will eventually be left alone with his experiments, like what happened when Spirit left to marry his wife. But he likes how Birkin makes him feel, and enjoys their friendship and what they do together, so he clings to that relationship with an occasionally-jealous strength.

He thinks nothing of harming others, even those who he 'cares' about, and yet he'll never do permanent damage. On the one hand, he is completely devoted to people like Spirit, Birkin, and his students. On the other, he experimented on Spirit in his sleep, experiments on Birkin when he's awake, and loves beating the crap out of his students on the thin pretext of training them to fight. He also can't really be serious in a fight unless he's curious about the one he's supposed to be fighting with, but once his curiosity is piqued, he becomes totally out of control and insane, bathing in blood gleefully and laughing manaically.

He's also a chain smoker.

WEAKNESSES: His mental stability is poor at best. He's really unempathetic. which makes his bedside manner as a doctor rather pathetic. He makes up for it by being really good at what he does, and using his perception to figure out how to manipulate people emotionally to produce the outcome he wants. He can easily be tempted by people who speak to his insane side - people like Birkin and Medusa - who encourage him to throw off the control he's submitted to and be the person he really is.

HOBBIES: Experimentation, dissection, martial arts, building clockwork animals.

TALENTS: Soul perception, martial arts. He has a special talent to be able to alter his own soul to harmonize with any soul, allowing him to wield any weapon. Normally a weapon can only harmonize with one or maybe two people who are especially compatible with them, but any weapon can harmonize with Stein's soul. This alteration ability also lets him attack other people's souls directly, by touching their souls together and setting up a feedback loop, sortof like pointing a microphone at a speaker.

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I will gladly accept the blame for this one.

Birkin is really just the absolute worst possible influence on him, isn't he?


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