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Name: Cnd
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Age: 32
Current characters: Kaguya Kimimaro, Hoshigaki Kisame, Ishida Uryuu

Name: Stein, Franken
Fandom: Soul Eater
History link: (Just scroll down to the section "Part in the story" for his history)
Age: Canon hasn't stated it specifically, but I estimate him to be in his early 30s, a year or two younger than Spirit.
Canon point: I'll take him from shortly after the Kishin was released, but before Stein left Death City to search for BJ's murderer and clear his name. Thus when he was taken to Vegas he was locked in his house, hallucinating and locked in the grip of insanity. Fun!

Personality: Stein is a sociopath. Essentially, this means that he doesn't really understand the concept of love and is incapable of feeling it. He has certain people who are important to him, but it's a possessive feeling, rather than affectionate. These people are possessions of his, people who make his life more interesting and/or whom he enjoys experimenting upon, and so he doesn't want them to be taken from him. While sociopaths are generally pretty good at pretending to be normal, and faking human emotions, Stein often doesn't bother. He is a sadist and enjoys causing emotional and physical pain in others, to a certain extent.

He believes that the entire world exists for him to explore and experiment upon. For him, his scientific curiosity is the most important consideration, and if something fails to arouse his curiosity, he just can't be interested in it. This extends to battle, where he can become exceedingly powerful if he grows excited and interested in dissecting his enemy, while he basically can't bring himself to fight seriously otherwise. His morality is definitely grey, especially when it comes to his science, and he has no qualms about experimenting on his friends against their will, and also enjoys fighting because it allows him the chance to beat the crap out of his students.

All of this makes him very susceptible to insanity, and he is the first to fall to the Kishin's influence when the Kishin is released from its seal. He is disposed to moodswings anyway - going from calm unconcern to wild excitement in an instant when his scientific curiosity is roused in battle. When the Kishin is released, Stein also is plagued by terrifying hallucinations, and irrational emotions and fears

Mostly through his association with Spirit, Stein's sadism has been tempered to a certain extent. He considers Spirit to be the man who holds his leash - who keeps him on the straight and narrow and stops him from crossing that invisible line from eccentric and terrifying mad scientist to actual evil murderer. I think that his desire to remain on the good side of the line has more to do with his feeling that he doesn't want to lose his friends or become a criminal than because he actually has a conscience. In fact, he often chafes against his leash, and is greatly tempted by Medusa's offer to join her, because it would allow him to cut loose and do whatever he wants. However, he also hates people who want to control others out of their own arrogance, and one of his sticking points with Medusa is that she wants to take over the world.

Though all of this sounds really awful, Stein is nevertheless firmly on the good side. He is no murderer, and he does gradually come to care for his students in some way, as well as care for his friends Spirit and Marie. He DOESN'T take Medusa up on her offer, even though he is legitimately tempted. He is as self-sacrificing as any shonen hero should be, fearlessly charging into battle and taking hits and risking death to protect his friends and students. He personally chafes against Shinigami's concept of order, but follows it anyway, out of loyalty and the logical belief that it is the best system for the world as a whole. Intellectually he understands that certain things are wrong, even if he doesn't necessarily like the fact that that applies to him.

This may appear to be a contradiction in his personality - and it is! A contradiction that is clearly stated and established in canon as being a contradiction in Stein's personality. Let me elucidate this so it's clear.

It's stated that Stein doesn't understand love, that he considers the world to be something that he experiments on. The people that he "cares" for the most are often the biggest target for his depraved experiments and cruel teasing. On the other hand, he does demonstratively sacrifice heroically, and claims that over the time that he teaches the kids at Shibusen that he comes to care for them in his own way. I think the fact that he's a sociopath means that he doesn't really care for people in the way that you and I would do. Instead, he wants to protect the lives of people who he's close to, perhaps because of the pleasurable feelings that they inspire in him by being in his life.

I also think that some of his caring is part of fitting in, as sociopaths are wont to do. They're good at passing as normal people, and Stein has learned ways of doing that, because the people that he's fitting in with are pretty heroic. Just because he doesn't really make a secret of his depravity doesn't mean that he isn't trying to toe the line in certain ways.

Here's the thing, Stein is pretty much this:
If you want complete accuracy to any actual psychological disorders, don't look in Soul Eater. Any Stein player just has to do their best to make realistic something that really isn't completely realistic.

Powers/Abilities: Stein is not a normal geeky scientist type. Not only is he very intelligent, but he is also a very powerful fighter. He's considered the best fighter who's ever come out of the Shibusen school, and he's quite ripped.

He's a weapon meister, which means that he's been trained to fight with a demon weapon (a person who has the ability to transform themselves into a weapon like a scythe, gun or knife). But Stein's ability is special. Though his original partner was Spirit, Stein has the ability to consciously adjust his soul wavelength to harmonize with ANY weapon. He can pick up any weapon and wield it without having to develop the trust and love that other pairs need to do - which is good, because Stein's personality probably wouldn't allow him to harmonize with another person's soul in the conventional way.

This ability to change his soul wavelength has an additional application. With a touch, he can attack their soul directly with an attack that looks rather like lightning coming from his palms. This attack knocks the person out and does quite a bit of damage to them.

Stein is also capable of Soul Perception, a rare ability that allows him to look directly at a person's soul. With this ability, he can locate people at a distance, sense the presence of witches, and also analyze a person's personality and strength by looking at their soul.

When Stein is fighting with the help of a weapon, he becomes even scarier. Because the harmonization with a weapon enhances a meister's natural abilities, Stein not only becomes stronger and faster, but he's able to focus his abilities even more powerfully than would be possible alone. This gives him the ability to use his soul to create tiny stitches. He can stitch another person (or himself) to a solid object, thereby restraining them. He can even cause stitches throughout a person's body, holding them in place. This ability, especially the latter version, takes great concentration, and if his concentration wavers the stitches will break.
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