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This is a work in progress...

Chika: A changshan for him and a matching cheongsam for his sister
Devit: A changshan for him as well, and a jade bracelet
Henry: A piece of polished agate
Birkin: A piece of polished azurite
For the meanings of the stones Shito handed out, go here

Birkin: A large container of coffee, and a proper coffee maker and espresso machine. And a snuggie.
Marie: A snuggie for her, too, and a book
Kid: Sob, no present for him because he's IN A BOOK.
Adachi: a huge box of Gundam Chocolates.
Wesker: A book. Yes, it's intended with some seriousness.
Sherry: A box of various school supplies like pens, paper, highlighters and binders, and this game. Oh, and the iphone that it comes with. Yes, he's a good stepdad.
Soma: For his secret santa, Stein doesn't know him, so he had to do a little research. He saw mention of Dracula in his last post, so he gave him a copy of the book.
Urahara: A book from the Death City bookstore on Shinigami from his own world, and a second book on soul theory. He figured it'd be interesting reading for Urahara.

Michael: A single "Luck Noise". This object, which I guess looks like some kind of weird static in a glass ball or something, will instantly heal and invigorate Michael when used, even if he's close to death, and permanently make him luckier. It will include a card with a description of what it does so Michael doesn't waste it.
Bruce Banner: A box of 50 'Panacea', small bags of fluid that when drunk instantly makes him feel calmer, as well as more alert, able to shake off physical exhaustion and mental fatigue, without accompanying jitters.

Rufus, Reeve, Zack, Reno: Tseng is a bit stressed and took a leaf from Reno's book. He gave everyone a free pass for one evening of companionship, with PHS off, to be called in when Tseng's work schedule allows. Also a bottle of their favourite alcoholic beverage.
Veld, Dark: A bottle of their favourite alcoholic beverage, but no free pass.

Henry: A large bottle of jack, an ass plug, and a book. Also a new pair of leather gloves.
Justin: A ring. Giriko made the ring, and it's a bit less detailed than this. Not to mention that it has the three eyes of the Kishin in the middle, rather than Mary. But you get the idea.
Kid: A punch in the kidneys and a wreath hung around his neck
Birkin: He didn't kill his boyfriend this year.
Travis: This

Neuro: A book
Yako: A suspiciously similar-looking book
Everyone else he's ever talked to: A box of sugar cookies, tastefully decorated, light, buttery and fluffy.

Rachel: An electric train set from 2010 - he picked it up in Santa Destroy.
Tira, Naoto, Sherry: A large box of chocolates each
Henry: A bottle of scotch with no label, and a book
Dexter: Secret santa gift, sent anonymously of course, is a bottle of excellent rum with no label on it, He will also get a second gift of a set of fighting knives of different sizes, this one with a card saying it's a gift from Claire.

Jezebel: He has no money, but he managed to get ahold of a box of liquor-filled chocolates, a bottle of wine, and a pair of flame-retardant gloves anyway.
Lilith: A wreath of Christmas flowers

Kaito Kuroba, Maraich, Byakuya, Sheryl Nome and Kamina: Each got hastily added to his Christmas card list. So they each got a card dusted with glitter, and with a picture of Simon and Nia standing together in front of their home, arm in arm on the front. Simon and Nia had both signed the cards, and Simon snuck a small chocolate into the cards, as an apology for forgetting them.

Kamina also got a much larger box of his favourite molepig jerky o-or something like that. Whatever he likes to eat best.

Date: 2010-12-25 01:58 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Sherry has an iPhone~ Thanks, Stepdad, you're the greatest! /plays with forever

Date: 2010-12-25 02:24 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
rufus is going to give you a free pass to go fuck yourself, tseng .


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