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[OOC: This log is backdated to Christmas Eve, and open to those involved, obviously~ So far as I know, that includes Stein, William Birkin, Marie, Sherry Birkin, Henry, and Giriko. If I've missed anyone, please feel free to tag in. I'll run it a bit like an event, with different areas, so people can be in smaller conversations and it doesn't get completely insane.

We no longer need permission from the mods to run personal logs of more than 5 people, but we DO have permission for this, anyway! And I think that's everything I wanted to say.]

Stein's house looked rather different from normal, thanks to Marie's enthusiasm and Stein and Birkin's rather bemused assistance. The eaves had been strung with coloured lights, and the spindly, leaf-less trees had also been hung with lights, tinsel and the odd glass ball as well.

Inside, Stein's largest operating theatre had been transformed into a dinner table, a tablecloth covering the shiny metal surface of his operating table, and chairs set up all around it. A turkey was browning in the oven, and all the fixings were ready to be brought from the kitchen and set on the table, from cranberry sauce to potatoes to stuffing. The living room, dining room, and kitchen were decorated for Christmas with more lights and decorations, and there was a large artificial Christmas tree in the corner of the living room.

All of the more sensitive areas of the lab had been locked up, out of deference to the fact that Giriko was invited.


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