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This is a good one.

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[This has gone on long enough. Stein has a map showing the location of Kid, but no way to get there right at the moment. He's got to try other avenues before he puts his own people in danger.

And so he's knocking on the door of Birkin's lab, the one Stein gave him for his own exclusive use when they moved in at Stein's place, then opening the door.]

Can I ask you something?
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[OOC: This log is backdated to Christmas Eve, and open to those involved, obviously~ So far as I know, that includes Stein, William Birkin, Marie, Sherry Birkin, Henry, and Giriko. If I've missed anyone, please feel free to tag in. I'll run it a bit like an event, with different areas, so people can be in smaller conversations and it doesn't get completely insane.

We no longer need permission from the mods to run personal logs of more than 5 people, but we DO have permission for this, anyway! And I think that's everything I wanted to say.]

Stein's house looked rather different from normal, thanks to Marie's enthusiasm and Stein and Birkin's rather bemused assistance. The eaves had been strung with coloured lights, and the spindly, leaf-less trees had also been hung with lights, tinsel and the odd glass ball as well.

Inside, Stein's largest operating theatre had been transformed into a dinner table, a tablecloth covering the shiny metal surface of his operating table, and chairs set up all around it. A turkey was browning in the oven, and all the fixings were ready to be brought from the kitchen and set on the table, from cranberry sauce to potatoes to stuffing. The living room, dining room, and kitchen were decorated for Christmas with more lights and decorations, and there was a large artificial Christmas tree in the corner of the living room.

All of the more sensitive areas of the lab had been locked up, out of deference to the fact that Giriko was invited.
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This is a work in progress...

Shito )

Stein )

Gale )

Tseng )

Giriko )

Sebastian )

Claire )

Radu )

Simon )
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Hello, you have reached Stein's private line, but I'm away from the phone or my hands are dirty and I can't pick up at the moment.

If this is an emergency, please hang up and call 42-42-564, ask for Death Scythe, and tell him why you need me. I'm sure my senpai would be happy to handle your emergency for you or locate me if he can't.

If this is not an emergency, please leave your name, number, and major symptoms after the beep and I will return your call as soon as I am able.

Have a great day!

((The phone only has text and voice mail capabilities right now, and a crude camera. He'll probably improve it over time, but he threw this together in half an hour))
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As promised, Stein headed for Washington. Since he was travelling by plane, he expected to get there after Kid, but that didn't bother him. Kid might try to ambush him, but Stein was confident that he would be able to deal with his student.

Hopefully he wouldn't have to break too much of him before he could get him to listen.

Security was a pain in the ass, but no one could figure out a reason to deny the man just because the metal detectors were going crazy about the bolt in his head. Stein just patiently showed doctor's credentials and explained that the bolt was there for medical reasons. Finally, they let him through.

At the other end, he made a single stop before heading to the monument. At a martial arts supply store, he purchased a wooden bo staff, which he carried on his shoulder as he walked through the desolate remains of the nation's capital towards the location of his meeting with Death the Kid.
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[He's sitting in his lab, typing on his phone, his expression set in a frown. After hitting 'send' he sets it down and leans back in his chair. The lighting is dim, making it hard to see his expression, but he lets out a soft and heavy sigh]

I guess no one's even noticed.
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Stein's wing of the dungeon he used to share with Birkin had become, if anything, darker and more terrifying since Birkin left. The lower floors were thick with shadows that were creepy, stitched monstrosities or tottering, jittering clockwork robots. The walls crawled with cracked mirrors and stitching, and were marked at intervals by terrifying three-eyed faces with wide, snaggle-toothed mouths. Yet arrows pointed the way accurately from the entrance of each level to the next elevator that would take Birkin and Adachi to the next floor - almost as if Stein wanted them to penetrate to the centre of his laboratory.

Cut for disturbing imagery )


Jan. 17th, 2010 11:21 am
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Cut for insane tl;dr about Stein )
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The lobby of the White House was a shambles, but the doors were well sealed and none of the zombies roaming around outside could get in. Stein glanced out the windows and watched them shambling around, thinking with wry amusement that it looked like any other day in the seat of his country's government.

Which was part of why he followed the Grim Reaper instead of bothering with mortal politics. Let the humans take care of themselves. He had witches to worry about.

Normally, when he could go to his own world without going insane.

But right now he was waiting for a teenaged boy who apparently had several personas. He couldn't wait to get a look at his soul. And more. Good thing he and Birkin had taken the time to bring some laboratory equipment and set it up in one of the rooms. They were going to get good use of it today.
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Stein sat on the floor in his favourite laboratory, the cold of the concrete soaking into his body and leaching the warmth from it even through his clothes and lab coat. He hadn't turned on the lights when he entered the room, so it was nearly pitch-black except for a small square of light that lay across the examination table in the middle.

At some point when talking to Birkin, he had knocked over a rolling tray table, and several beakers had shattered, sprinkling glass like caltrops across the floor.

His phone sat on the floor next to him, forgotten. At thirty he had stopped counting, but Birkin still wasn't here.

He sat against the wall, humming to himself and flinching away from dark movements and shapes that only he could see, his eyes darting around restlessly in their sockets.
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On my way to Lost Island. Lovely vacation spot - apparently if I'm in the magnetic field at the centre of the island for longer than 20 minutes my flesh will be stripped from my bones. Guess where I have to go?

I'm expecting to encounter some resistance from Arachnophobia, but I don't think it's anything we can't handle. Hopefully we can slip in, get what we're looking for, and get out before anyone knows we're there.

[Locked to Birkin]

Don't wait up, cupcake~
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Dr. Stein waited just outside the compound for Mikaela to arrive, his stitched and patched labcoat blowing a bit in the hot Africa wind. He smiled as the young woman rolled up in her very fine motorcycle, his glasses glinting in the sun as he looked her over. No immediate signs of injury.

Though she was only a few years older than his students, and definitely too young for him, he couldn't help but enjoy the ride back to his own world.

They arrived just outside his own laboratory, which was a tall concrete building, which also looked to have been stitched together, much like his own body and clothing. Scraggly trees with no leaves adorned the grounds, which were surrounded by a high wrought iron fence.

The sun stared down upon them, far cooler than the place where they had just left. The sun had a face, and it was laughing good-naturedly at them, its voice deep and echoing.

"You can leave the bike inside the grounds, it'll be safe there," Stein said cheerfully as he got down and opened the front gate. "Welcome to my home, Mikaela."
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This time Birkin was coming to him, and that suited Stein just fine. He knew on some level that leaving his world for a bit would do him good, but he was involved in some new projects and still trying to work out how to deliver his last one to Medusa. It wasn't a good time to leave.

But a little company was always welcome, especially if it was like-minded company.

He'd taken a little trip to the store earlier in the day and bought an array of liquors - some bourbon, some gin, some tequila, and some rum. He didn't really know what Birkin liked, but he figured it wouldn't hurt to have a variety on hand.

And now he was at the computer, poking his nose around and waiting.
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Stein stood under the spray of the shower, wondering if he had really just finished the project, and whether he had really broadcast the moment of his triumph to the community.

And whether Vanessa really was coming over.

He didn't spare much time wondering why.

Marie had been packed off elsewhere when he started the project some... well, apparently a week ago now. He didn't think about her, either. Or Kid, or anyone who might be worried about him. Instead he dried off, dressed again, and went back to his lab to scrub the blood off the floor. He'd hear the doorbell if someone rang it.

((Warning for possible kinky sexitiems))
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eeee, so excited. Where should we go and whom should we beat up first? ohgodsteinandjunpeiaretheonlyoneswhohaveachance

Shito and Chika are going to get mauled and just keep going.

Anyway, yes. Any thoughts, bb? And Miko and I were thinking we would do the controlled-chaos form of posting where we don't worry about turn order? She'll be away all day working, so she doesn't want to hold us up, so she's given me permission to move Chika around as needed.

I'm happy to start a post once we're organized, too ^_^
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Stein stepped through the portal the young man had opened for him without hesitation, and looked around. He honestly had no idea what exactly to expect, other than a laboratory of some kind, and he wasn't disappointed.

There was a twinge of nervousness despite his boldness. Walking blindly into someone else's territory, especially someone Stein knew to be of like mind to himself, wasn't necessarily a smart idea. Then again, Stein was more than capable of taking care of himself. He didn't have a weapon with him, but he could easily kill with his bare hands, if necessary.

He reached up with one hand and rotated the bolt stuck through his head a couple of times, considering his options, then picked a direction and started walking.

Sooner or later, he'd either run across some interesting experiment, or find Birkin himself. Win win.
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Stein's laboratory was...impressive, and rather creepy. It was an oddly-shaped building, like several huge stone boxes all jumbled together with small windows. The largest part was shaped like an arrow, thrusting upwards towards the sky. Lines of what looked like stitching crawled across the face of the building, each 'stitch' at least a foot long.

The building was surrounded by a wrought-iron fence, the top a forest of points, and there were several scraggly trees planted around the grounds. The trees were devoid of leaves, and each branch ended in an arrowpoint.

It didn't look much like a medical clinic, but after all it was a laboratory. A whirring sound might have been heard by Maraich's foot and he might have looked down to see a mouse scuttling by, but the mouse looked and sounded mechanical, its skin formed of random patches of fabric all stitched together roughly.

Welcome to Dr. Franken Stein's Laboratory.


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